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Shri Agneeswarar - Kanjanoor

Navagraha sthalam - Sukran

Agneeswarar incarnated as Sri Sukran(file photo)

Kanjanoor temple is one of the Navagraha kshetras dedicated to Sukran ( Venus) and it is 20 kms from Kumbakonam,26 kms from Mayiladurai,3 kms from Suryanar kovil and 3 kms from Aduthurai. Agneeswarar is the presiding deity and his consort is Karpagambal. Sthala vriksham (Holy tree) is Purasu and the holy water is Agnitheertham. Agni (Fire) is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva here and hence the name Agneeswarar.The Brahma Lingam enshrined in this temple is said to have been worshipped by Brahma himself.

Centuries ago, sage Senagar and other sages started a yagna called Chatra yagam at the banks of Ganges. At the end of the yagna, a sage called Soodhama arrived. The sages at the Ganges welcomed him to the place and said that Ganges is the river that can wash away all types of sins that no other river can do.

Hearing this Soodhama said that there is a river in the south more divine than Ganges and a temple along the bank of that river that can remove one's sins and offer a very happy and contended life to those who visit there.

Soodhama then narrated the story of a sage named Parasur munivar who was having an illicit relationship with a boat woman. He became mentally imbalanced and forgot all his wisdom. At that time a voice from heaven asked him to pray to Shiva at Palasavanam situated in northern bank of Cauvery. He obeyed that order and started a penance towards Lord Shiva. Pleased at his devotion, Shiva along with his consort Parvathi appeared before him and cured him of his mental illness. Parasura munivar was overjoyed and requested Shiva to reside in that place so that his devotees can be benefitted. This Palasavanam later came to be called as Thiru Kanjanur.

Hearing this, sages Senagar and other sages reached Thiru Kanjanoor. They finished their holy bath at river Cauvery and proceeded towards the Agnipureeswar temple. Suddenly they saw the sunrise in a golden hue and they saw Lord Shiva as Agneeswar along with Karpagambal and gave darshan to them.

It is said performing one yagna here is equivalent to performing 1000 Chatra yagam' and bathing here in the Cauvery is equivalent to have bathed in the Ganges for 12 years.

The temple has three praharams. The majestic rajagopuram faces south. Outside the rajagopuram is the shrine for karpaga vinayaga and just opposite in the lane is the Haradattar temple where we can see Haradattar praying at the feet of Dakshinamurthy.

Agneeswara swamy is worshipped here as Sukran.

If the Sukran is unfavorably placed in one's horoscope, they may suffer from various ailments such skin disease, eye ailments,impotency, gastric problems and unhappy marital life. On the positive side he blesses for prosperity, waelth including house, vehicle etc and a beautiful wife.Offering white lotus flowers, white garments , and fasting on Fridays said to please Sukran. Worshipping Rajarajeshwari and Gajalakshmi, wearing of diamonds and recital of Devi Mahatimiyam are equally effective way of pleasing Sukran.


Pradoshams, sani pradoshams, Aruthra darshanam are celeberated in a grand manner.Fridays are crowded as it is an auspicious day for Karpagambal and also to Sukran.

Temple Timings It is normally open from 7 am – 12:30pm and 4.00pm- 8:00pm.

How to reach?

The temple is located 26 Kms from Mayiladudurai and 20 kms from Kumbakonam. Plenty of buses are available from Mayavaram and Kumbakonam.

Where to Stay?There are no hotels here.It is better to have Mayavaram or Kumbakonam as your headquarters where you have plenty of budget, semi-deluxe and semi deluxe hotels.
Where to Eat?There are couple of small restaurants in the vicinity. You can go back to Mayavaram / Kumbakonam for lunch/dinner
Places nearbyMayavaram, Kumbakonam where there are many important temples to be visited.
Contact Manager, Sri Agneeswarar Aalayam, Kanjanoor 609 802
Phone : +91- 0435-2473737
Useful data
State: Tamil Nadu
District: Thanjavur
Famous for: Pilgrimage
Languages: English,Tamil
Best Season: Throughout the year. Summer( from May to July) could be very hot and dry when the mercury shoots to 40 degree celsius.
Weather: Summer 33-42°C, Winter 16-28°C
Altitude: Sea level


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