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Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram
Sri Kuda Maadu Koothan Perumal Temple

Kudamadu Koothar temple
Sri Kuda Maadu Koothar Temple

This temple is in the village of Thiru Nangur and called as Arimeya Vinnagaram.Arimeya Vinnagaram means where Hari (another name of Lord Vishnu) resides. It's about 5 miles (8 kms) away from Seerkazhi. This place is generally known as Kudamaadu Koothar Kovil . It is one among the eleven divyadesams of Thirunangur Tirupathis.

The legend behind all the eleven temples of Thirunangur are closely associated with each other.God Siva started dancing in fury at this place after the death of his consort Uma due to the yagna (sacrifice) of Dakshan. Each time his lock of hair touched the ground, eleven other forms of Shiva appeared. Devas were worried that if the dance continued, it would result in a catastrophe of the entire creations. They prayed to Lord Vishnu for help, who appeared at this place. On seeing Vishnu, Shiva's anger was reduced and he requested Vishnu to appear in eleven forms like he did. On his request, Vishnu appeared in eleven different forms at Thiru Nangur and one of the form being a dancer like Siva (kudamadu Koothan - dancer).The eleven places where Vishnu appeared are believed to be where the eleven temples in Thiru Nangur are located. 

The Thirumangai Azhwar Mangalasasana Utsavam celebrated annually during the day next of Thai Amavasai (New moon day in mid January) is the major festival called Garuda seva during which the utsavars (festival images) of the eleven Thirunangur Tirupathis are brought on mount designed like Garuda, called Garuda Vahana, to Thirunangur.

Moolavar of this sthalam is  Sri Kuda Maadu Koothan. The idol of Moolavar is of the type known as sudai vadivam which is made from burnt clay and not granite or any stone and hence only Thailakaapu (oil) is allowed here and no water is used for abhishekams. The Moolavar is in the Irundha thirukkolam (Sitting posture) facing East .

Prathyaksham for Uthanga Maharishi.

Thayaar in this sthalam is Amrudha Kadavalli.

To indicate the unity of Saivam and Vaishnavam, the Pushkarani(holy tank) of this place is named as "Kodi Theertham" as like in Rameswaram.

Mangalasasanams The temple is revered by the verses of Tirumangai azhwar

Temple location It is situated in Thiru Nangur, a village accessible via Sirkazhi or Mayavaram.

Temple Timings It is normally open from 7 am –10 am and 5pm-7 pm. After the Garuda seva which goes beyond midnight to dawn, the temple may not open on time the next day.

How to reach?
It is situated around 10 kms from Sirkazhi. There are buses from Mayavaram/ Sirkazhi that goes past Thiru Nangur. Direct special buses are available only on special occassions.If you drive your car it is 20 kms from Mayavaram and 10 kms from Sirkazhi. The road leading to this village is narrow and you might miss the turning from the main road if you are not watchful.

Where to Stay?There are no hotels in Thiru Nangur. Mayavaram or Sirkazhi is the place to stay
Where to Eat?There are no big restaurants here. You can reach Mayavaram or Sirkazhi town for lunch / dinner.
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Useful data
State: Tamil Nadu
District: Mayavaram
Famous for: Pilgrimage
Languages: English,Tamil
Best Season: Throughout the year. Summer( from May to July) could be very hot and dry when the mercury shoots to 40 degree celsius.
Weather: Summer 33-42°C, Winter 16-28°C
Altitude: Sea level
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